NFCC2015 Part duex

Welcome back to part two of our review on the Niagara Falls Comic Con 2015, an event so great that it needed two blogs. (or maybe I'm just too lazy to write it all in one sitting) A feature of the NFCC was having an entire section of the floor dedicated to horror, with unforgettable guests such as Linda Blair, Elvira, the Walking Dead's Scott Wilson, The Puppet Master series Charles Band, and the master of splatter, Tom Savini. Tom Savini was so friendly, walking around the comic con in his down time and checking out booths, scoping out other horror effects work, and stopping to talk with fans. He was so down to earth there were times that he was walking through and people did not even rec


This past weekend was the annual Niagara Falls Comic Con, 2015 edition, and it was spectacular. Though I did not get to leave my booth as often as my minions, collectively we were able to take in some of the best aspects of what the Comic Con had to offer, and it had plenty. Celebrities NCC put together quite an experience for this event, from excellent celebrity attendants like included David Hasselhoff getting together with Kitt. Sean Astin (LOTR, Goonies, Color of Magic, and every other damn movie that is a classic) along with "wish I took the blue pill" Joe Pantoliano and Robert Davi, who got together to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Goonies, including an awesome Q&A panel. That

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