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This past weekend was the annual Niagara Falls Comic Con, 2015 edition, and it was spectacular. Though I did not get to leave my booth as often as my minions, collectively we were able to take in some of the best aspects of what the Comic Con had to offer, and it had plenty.

Celebrities NCC put together quite an experience for this event, from excellent celebrity attendants like included David Hasselhoff getting together with Kitt. Sean Astin (LOTR, Goonies, Color of Magic, and every other damn movie that is a classic) along with "wish I took the blue pill" Joe Pantoliano and Robert Davi, who got together to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Goonies, including an awesome Q&A panel. That in itself would be enough to enjoy for a weekend but the list of talent is far longer than that including: Elvira, Star War's Billy Dee Williams, Fresh Prince aka Carlton Alfonso Ribeiro, the Walking Dead's Scott Wilson, Sons of Anarchy Ryan Hurst, Exorcist's Linda Blair, Catherine Bach aka Daisy Duke, Garrett Wang from Star Trek Voyager, Jason Priestley, Margot Kidder from Superman, Kristy Swanson, Rocky Horror Patricia Quinn, Richard Hatch from Battle Star Galactica, Terry Kiser Weekend at Bernie's, Christopher McDonald Happy Gilmore, and Dr. Who's Colin Baker.

What was so spectacular as a fan was to behold how genuinely nice these stars were to the

fans. There was no pretension, only genuine fun to be had by everyone. One of my favorite celeb experiences was when the Daleks came out en force and cornered Kristy Swanson, playing the Dr. Who theme and dancing for her. Shortly thereafter Dr. Who's Colin Baker came out and taught the daleks a lesson they're not soon to forget!

And speaking of the daleks among the many amazing panels presented over the weekend including Sci Fi Speed Dating, LARP classes, Training for the Zombie Apocalypse, and many many more, there was a class on how to build your own dalek!


What comic con would be complete without an insane amount of cosplay, ranging from casual to downright staggering. (Check out the gallery below for a glimpse). Zombie Bit me was in attendance, acting as a judge for the cosplay events and just being altogether awesome. Each day she had a new cosplay to show off and was really great to all the fans, letting them take pics with her and totally getting into her character with spot on poses. Contest winners have not been posted yet for the cosplay, but they will be soon at Niagara Falls Comic Con official site.

Artist Alley Artist alley had a bevy of talent, and I'm not just saying that because I was one of them

hehe, honest. Vinny Thompson was in attendance signing posters and issues of his Vinny and Bud series. I snagged an amazing winder steam punk stop watch, something I've always wanted from Steamgummi. If you are into steam punk or even just interesting one of a kind jewelery you must scope them out.

Gibson Quarter was doing some sick pieces including an original Captain Canuck print for the Con.

Jake Kalbhenn had some fantastic fan art up, displaying his mastery of color and putting

his own special flavor on his fan pieces. He was paired up with fellow artist Saar Bodman who put a solid twist on Clockwork Orange! Then there was the eye catching artwork of Marco Bucci. Some of his pieces have a whole world unto their own.

These are only a few of the artists we interacted with, and I truly hope I'm not leaving anyone out, though i fear I must be given the size of the venue and the incredibly talented people in attendance, like Mike Hogue (Jinx the Black Cat), A!H Comics, Wee little stitches and so many more. Join us next week for Part 2 of our Niagara Falls Comic Con 2015 review. We'll delve into the Horror Fest, the Movie Screenings, and some of the prop setups.

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