Richard MacDonald Exhibit

Day one in Vegas we stumbled across the Richard MacDonald exhibit. To say that I was enthralled by MacDonald's work is a gross understatement. It was with gleeful delight that I wandered around the gallery, losing myself in these pieces. Forever moving forward when I hear of the Old Masters I will think of MacDonald, because he has truly conquered his craft. You can feel it in the fluidity of the pieces, where he has carved out the human form with both vibrant energy and captivating emotion. I was blown away by his work and wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy. If you would like to see more visit Richard MacDonald's site here.

Final Fantasy Vegas Convention!

Final Fantasy Vegas Convention here I come! Not sure what to expect from the fanfest but hey, it's an excuse to go to Vegas with my beautiful wife and see a couple cirque du soleil shows! I'm sure I will not get any writing done while I'm there and also that the healthy eating and exercise is going to be mandatory when I get back, but I'm soooo looking forward to this! I'll post some pics of the trip when I return!

Land of the Giants

Well, Chronicles of Acadia, Book II, is out for beta reading! It's been a hell of an experience writing this one and I am excited to put it out there. Even better, today I wrote Chapter 1 of my other novel, A Dark Rising (this one is horror mwahaha). Anyhow, since I have accumulated such an amazing fan base already (not sure how you all got sucked into Acadia, but who am I to argue with the love?) I figured why not give you a little preview at what's in store? The cover reveal for Land of the Giants is above! Book 1 dealt primarily with the land of Vanidriell, where mankind carved out a new home in the core of the planet. In Book II we find our heroes confronted by monstrous creatures,

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