Suicide Girl Writing Group

One of my brothers on Suicide Girls posted a really fun thread asking people to create an introduction to a character who had been dropped back to Earth from a cryogenic space pod. I had so much fun with this one I thought I would share it and I tacked on a great piece from the artist Brett Parson, click the link and check out his work! Chill tentacles of air licked her face, waking the lost passenger from a deep slumber. Her vision was still cloudy, even after the milky substance had fully drained from inside the long blue steel hyperbaric sleep chamber. The curved glass shuddered on unseen hinges, propped against, the wind and overhead, past that opening, a crystalline blue sky stre

Is that grass?!

Oh spring, you wayward angel, how the cockles of my heart rejoice to welcome you home once more... Wait what? Oh sorry, I was temporarily possessed by some pompous douche. What a shock it was to gaze outside my window this morning and find that the polar ice caps which had taken over my front yard had actually melted! One would think this a sign that I can run and frolic in the grass...but that event would be more akin to a monster truck rally in the mud so methinks I'll be avoiding that scenario for a couple weeks at least! Three thumbs up, cheers and a "Like" frenzy to that long dismal winter being over!

Tad Williams announces new novel!

Exciting news to hear Tad Williams will be returning to the world of Osten Ard and continuing the stories of King Simon and Queen Miriamele! Click on the image to read the original press release! I am excited!

D&D Themed Cake

Check out this amazing Dungeons and Dragons themed cake made by Caketopia Cakes! D&D is celebrating their 40th anniversary. That is forty years spent shaping the imagination and harnessing the creative talents in generations of gamers. Who has a favorite D&D experience, photo, artwork, ode to dwarves etc etc they would like to share?

Artist Hired for Secrets of the Elders

Introducing the incredible art of Victor A. Minguez. Most of you know how many artists we went through before selecting this guy and now you can see why. When you put so much passion and dedication, so much of yourself, into writing a story you want an artist that matches that vision. If you have a chance is a must see! Stay tuned for updates on our cover over the coming weeks...

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