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One of my brothers on Suicide Girls posted a really fun thread asking people to create an introduction to a character who had been dropped back to Earth from a cryogenic space pod. I had so much fun with this one I thought I would share it and I tacked on a great piece from the artist Brett Parson, click the link and check out his work! Chill tentacles of air licked her face, waking the lost passenger from a deep slumber. Her vision was still cloudy, even after the milky substance had fully drained from inside the long blue steel hyperbaric sleep chamber. The curved glass shuddered on unseen hinges, propped against, the wind and overhead, past that opening, a crystalline blue sky stretched like some forbidden azure sea dotted with islands of fast moving puffy clouds. The pods passenger violently twitched, her muscles contorting in a spasm, jarring her head against the top of the chamber. Frightened and alone she clawed the edges of the open door and scrambled out of the tube, trying to get some grip on where she was. The silk cream wrappings tied around her torso were still soaking wet from the cryo-fluid her body had been immersed in, the same substance that had filled her lungs. The silk clung uncomfortably to her drenched skin, raising goose bumps against the unrelenting winds. She knew it would be dangerous to stay out there in the cold and flicked open a keypad at the base of the aborted capsule, lying on its side in the tall grass. She placed a shaking thumb in the center of a small flickering purple screen. A series of blips confirmed she was recognized and the base of the chamber whirred opened to reveal a cache of supplies. Quickly she slipped out of the soaked wrappings, pulling slick gray thermal pants and a matching long sleeved top on. The Badoran fabric instantly began regulating her body temperature even before she had added a padded leather vest, filling its pockets with the rest of the capsules contents before tying her long violet locks back in a ponytail. She harnessed a rifle around her back and clipped an arc blade into her belt, wondering briefly how she knew what the items were. The fog which had settled around the corners of her mind finally began to lift and she noticed, for the first time, a small oddly angled device embedded in her palm. It stared up at her with alien keys. Her heart froze as a suffocating epiphany washed through her. Searching the long stretches of rolling green hillsides she realized she had no idea who she was or where she could possibly be. “But how can that be…of course I know my name…” she thought, looking back down to the strange device and hearing the lie for what it was in her head. She did not know who she was. Yet somehow, some baser instinct had her functioning in survival mode, enough so that she knew certain things about the world. For example, she could remember being placed into the hyperbaric chamber and being sent away from Earth. And she knew enough about her surroundings to tell she had been aborted for some reason…but her name, who she was or had been…it was out there beyond the reaches of her mind, stuck in a haze of whispers she could not comprehend. Looking down at the reflecting blue steel of the chamber she found a word stamped across a silver plate at its base, just under the glass door. “Winter.” She read it out loud, feeling the word rolling around her tongue, familiar. “Is this my name?” she wondered unsure. “Winter…” she said, feeling the weight of it on for a try. She nodded to herself. it would do, for now.

A shrill howl carried over the hills, startling the lost traveler from her reverie. It was close. Winter crouched down into a defensive posture, eyes steeled to the east searching for the creature. Bitter wind stung her hazel eyes, blurring her vision with unwanted tears. Again the howl carried in the wind, this time much closer. Winter decided now was not the time to wait and see what might come, now was the time to run.

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