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May 9, 2019

I've said it so many times to eager enthusiasts at conventions and book signings who want to know how they can write a book. "Just do it. Begin with a word, turn it into a sentence and then your off to paragraphs. Books don't write themselves."

Funny, after all those c...

May 1, 2017

Like a fresh coat of paint after the storm, our new site has been slapped together. In the coming weeks it will likely bubble in the wrong places and gather strange little tidbits off the breeze that have no place being embedded in what should be a nicely painted haven...

September 1, 2016

Some fun pics from our WizardWorld Chicago trip. Thanks to all the fans who came to the booth. It was a blast!

June 9, 2016

My blogging hiatus is over and really it never should have begun. Bad scrivener. Bad. In my defense, after our daughter was born in February I got a little side tracked with snuggles and diaper changes. Also the mind numbing state of listlessness which tends to happen...

December 4, 2015

This has nothing to do with the writing of science fiction, fantasy, or horror stories, but I'm sad and I can't sleep so I'm posting it anyway. For people like me, born in the late 70's and experiencing the 90's in a very real way, influenced by the music and culture o...

November 29, 2015

Last summer I wrote an article for Fantasy Faction. Between all of the Comic Cons and long days of writing I forgot to actually post a link to it! For those of you that missed the article, which was about the many varieties of elves out there in fantasy, check out the...

August 17, 2015

‘Drowning the Paladin’s calls,
Where the serpent breaks the shield.
To the north your wandering eye shall fall,
In the land of the shadows, where the Healer’s stone hides.
Power enough to shatter the Crystal’s hold over man.’

Thus speaks Siribel, lost in a telling, t...

June 16, 2015

Welcome back to part two of our review on the Niagara Falls Comic Con 2015, an event so great that it needed two blogs. (or maybe I'm just too lazy to write it all in one sitting)

A feature of the NFCC was having an entire section of the floor dedicated to horror, wit...

June 9, 2015

This past weekend was the annual Niagara Falls Comic Con, 2015 edition, and it was spectacular. Though I did not get to leave my booth as often as my minions, collectively we were able to take in some of the best aspects of what the Comic Con had to offer, and it had p...

May 24, 2015

 Get your first look at the cover art for Necromancer's Curse, the third chapter in Chronicles of Acadia. Featuring art by Shen Fei, who was an absolute pleasure to work with.

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