Map of Vanidriell

A very wise beta-reader insisted I put together a map for Secret's of the Elders. My poor wrists are numb from drawing this bad boy, but I think it actually came out pretty decent! Let me know what y'all think eh?!

Discoveries at Dawn

In the wee hours of dawn I took a little jaunt around my fields. Initially, my only intention was to smell the fresh air; filling shy winter lungs with the promise of a new day. Blue jays chirped their morning salutations. A field mouse scurried into view for the briefest moment, disappearing once more into the dense reeds. It was not long before I found my path had taken me far from the house, surrounded by fields of tall dried grass that reached for the sky, just now returning to life with the faint promise of color tinging the ground. It was such a pleasant feeling, to know winter's chill is gone, crept back from the land to bring on the season of soft rains and colorful flowers. I was

Marc Simonetti

Found this amazing artist today that I wanted to share with each of you. Marc Simonetti has put together some breathtaking pieces that fill me with inspiration! His worked is bold and epic, leaving the viewer wondering what his characters are thinking, or perhaps what quests they might be undertaking. A mad curse? Broken kingdoms to unite? Saving their own lost souls? With beautiful pieces like these the possibilities are endless. I strongly urge each of you to visit his site and contribute to his current art book funding campaign. Here is a site description of the books contents: "The hardcover Art Book will have around 240 pages printed on high quality paper, and will be full of illust

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