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NFCC2015 Part duex

Welcome back to part two of our review on the Niagara Falls Comic Con 2015, an event so great that it needed two blogs. (or maybe I'm just too lazy to write it all in one sitting) A feature of the NFCC was having an entire section of the floor dedicated to horror, with unforgettable guests such as Linda Blair, Elvira, the Walking Dead's Scott Wilson, The Puppet Master series Charles Band, and the master of splatter, Tom Savini.

Tom Savini was so friendly, walking around the comic con in his down time and checking out booths, scoping out other horror effects work, and stopping to talk with fans. He was so down to earth there were times that he was walking through and people did not even recognize him, but from the master of effects what can we expect other than a chameleon-like presence? Check out an interview he did at the Comic Con where he asks the question, are there still any horror movies being made or has it all turned into torture porn?

Beyond the Horror Fest there were plenty of particularly impressive prop setups for fans to experience. The Dr. Who Society of Canada had a whole battalion of Daleks, Dr. Who costumes and props, and their very own Tardis on display for you to interact with and take photos.

The Mad Max interceptor was there, complete with props (vests, weapons, sneers), parked right next door to K.I.T.T. The craziest part of K.I.T.T. was when it talked to you, just as if it stepped out of the classic tv show. The 501st Legion had a crazy set, including r2 units, sand people, blast a trooper, so many different storm troopers it made your head dizzy with glee, an empire starship backdrop, and a photo opp with a speeder bike.

Besides a bevy of panels and special interest sessions, the NFCC featured Movie Screenings for Atari: Game Over, Ejecta, and 88. Our favorite was 88 as we love love love Katherine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps in the house!), Christopher Lloyd, and Michael Ironside. If that lineup doesn't make you wet your pants then I don't know. Check out a trailer of 88. Nothing like a solid movie screening with Director and Cast in attendance to round out your weekend.

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