Bruised Battered and Bitten

What a bloody long week this has been. Two eight hour trips back and forth to move all my shite and I'm still not done. I remember first setting out on my own at age seventeen, nothing but two garbage bags of clothes to my name... How in the name of Buddy Holly have I amassed enough crap to fill two twenty foot uHauls? I mean I get my art supplies, that makes sense... Well, and so does my library. I couldn't move without that, or the two XL boxes filled w/ board games...and what would I do without my movie collection, one simply must have Amelie ready at their fingertips... Damn, I think I might be a pack rat. That's alright. I own it. Except instead of a rat I'd rather be a cat, with aviato

Goodbye Vermont

While there are so many things I can go the rest of my life without, tonight I cherish those I will miss. Standing outside, I am staring up at the moon, full and inviting, like nature's lamp lighting up the fields around my house, casting long shadows of trees that make the landscape at once both mysterious and wonderful. I will miss stars, oh blessed beautiful stars, covering the night sky in a way you have never seen, like a dense blanket of worlds singing their chorus from above. Little blinking orbs remind me that we live in an infinite universe constantly expanding and surrounding us from all angles with the possibility of being. I will miss nights like this where the winds blow like na

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