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Bruised Battered and Bitten

What a bloody long week this has been. Two eight hour trips back and forth to move all my shite and I'm still not done. I remember first setting out on my own at age seventeen, nothing but two garbage bags of clothes to my name... How in the name of Buddy Holly have I amassed enough crap to fill two twenty foot uHauls? I mean I get my art supplies, that makes sense... Well, and so does my library. I couldn't move without that, or the two XL boxes filled w/ board games...and what would I do without my movie collection, one simply must have Amelie ready at their fingertips... Damn, I think I might be a pack rat. That's alright. I own it. Except instead of a rat I'd rather be a cat, with aviator shades and slicked back greaser hair. Yeah, that's me the kool kat slapping mofos who wanna run their mouth about my collections. 👿

It was nice to finally get back online and find several more reviews of my novel. (They like me they really like me!) Check out the latest! Book Adventures of Emily:

"Secrets of Elders was a very creative and well written story that kept me intrigued until the last page. I loved that there was always some kind of adventure going on and I also enjoyed the very different types of animals, plants, and bugs there were featured throughout the story. I would have to say that Corbin Walker was my favorite character in the book, mainly because I think he was trying to be the most reasonable one. I am looking forward to read the next book in series!"

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