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A Break in the Line

Took a little time to myself today. It was splendid. I have been hard at work dutifully getting in my word count every day. Ah, the sacred word count, my new temple of worship, my new construct for spirituality, my new everything. Perhaps I shouldn't say "hard at work" though, since I'm enjoying every bloody minute of it. Today was good. I believe we can easily forget how lost we become in our own self constructed universes. Browsing through the latest issue of musetouch (I posted the entire edition below for you new comers) I found my inner troll thinking. "You really need to be writing, not browsing the internet." However, the troll was wrong. What I found today was not another unyielding litany of memes or inedible river of cynical reflections on how we are all fooked. Instead it was inspiration that whispered to me. In an unexpected place at an unexpected time I found that tickling notion that leads your mind to amazing places. First it was looking at the incredible books turned sculptures by Karine Diot. Then it was gawking over the ability Nicole West has to make such exquisitely decadent dolls. And later in the day it was while paddle boarding with my amazing wife, just gazing out at the pale green mountains and wondering what secrets they hold.

So today was a good day, which means tomorrow is going to be even better, cause that's my logic and I'm sticking to it, and I'm rambling...

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