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Discoveries at Dawn

In the wee hours of dawn I took a little jaunt around my fields. Initially, my only intention was to smell the fresh air; filling shy winter lungs with the promise of a new day. Blue jays chirped their morning salutations. A field mouse scurried into view for the briefest moment, disappearing once more into the dense reeds. It was not long before I found my path had taken me far from the house, surrounded by fields of tall dried grass that reached for the sky, just now returning to life with the faint promise of color tinging the ground. It was such a pleasant feeling, to know winter's chill is gone, crept back from the land to bring on the season of soft rains and colorful flowers. I was just heading back to the house, lost in my musings, when I heard the distinct sound of a small horn playing a cherubic tune. Ever the curious man-child I headed in its direction, curious who else could be out and about at this hour, and playing a trumpet to top it off! You can be sure I was shocked to peek through the brush and find no person at all, but a lady all the same. The faerie was playing a tune to wake her friends and bolster the field mice. Nearby I spied two others, petite brownies hard at work. One was feeding a sick bird while the other moved through paths cut into the reedy grass, delivering his wares and threatening to play a guitar if none were purchased at each little persons home! Well...most people would have probably tried to catch one of the fae; lot of money in that sort of thing these days. But not me, no sir. I gave the little missus a wave and a smile as I headed back to the house eager to start my day with the sweet smell of Spring and all nature's children waking for the season!

* Art pieces by the amazing JB Monge. Check out his work here, it's inspiring and simply playful! He also has an incredible artbook on his etsy page!

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