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Trollin' or the Life & Times of Kwadjo Vance, Troll (signed copy)

Trollin' or the Life & Times of Kwadjo Vance, Troll (signed copy)

"The only good troll is a dead troll," as the saying goes. Trolls are feared, hated, hunted down and eradicated...
                                                        ...And yet, one of their kind just might be the kingdoms only hope.

Seventeen years ago, the Vance’s took in a baby troll to raise as their own. Now they’re gone and Kwadjo is on his own, trying to survive in a kingdom that would rather see him dead.

Agamon, one of the most powerful wizards in the land, has been exiled from the Silver Spire. His quest for vengeance shatters the young troll’s life, tossing everything he knows on its head and thrusting him into a dangerous world.

A beguiling tale of rejection, revenge, and the adventure of a lifetime. Join Kwadjo on his journey across the lands of the World Dragon, as he is thrust into a battle for survival and pitted against impossible odds.


Agamon seeks to harness the power of the fabled crystal throne to usurp the king. The fate of the kingdom rests in the hands of one troll.

Read Trollin’ now and enter the lands of the World Dragon.
(Price includes autographed paperback + shipping)

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