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Signed edition; Necromancer's Curse, CoA Book 3

Signed edition; Necromancer's Curse, CoA Book 3

‘Drowning the Paladin’s calls,

Where the serpent breaks the shield.

To the north your wandering eye shall fall,

In the land of the shadows, where the Healer’s stone hides.

Power enough to shatter the Crystal’s hold over man.’

Thus speaks Siribel, lost in a telling, the final hint Isaac needs to uncover a way back to Vanidriell. Corbin Walker wants nothing more than to return to his people, but to do so he must first gather power enough to defeat the Great Crystal, Baetylus. The companions find themselves pulled back to the cursed ruins of Ul'kor, in search of a mysterious ancient relic the Gladewarren has only hinted of. Unfortunately, to claim its power they will need to get through the Necromancer and his dread army.


(Price includes autographed paperback + shipping)

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