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Light's Warden (Alacore's Apothecary: Book 3) Signed Copy

Light's Warden (Alacore's Apothecary: Book 3) Signed Copy

Dances and dinners are safer than battling monsters, right? Not in the Fae Realm…

There’s a murderer on the loose in the House of Dawn and I’ve been hired to stop them. This time I may be in over my head.

The Patriarch of the House of Dawn is convinced that someone is out to get him, and with every high-powered fae arriving for the spring celebration, things are about to get sticky.

The noble fae descending on the House all have their own secrets and agendas. I’ll need to be quick on my feet to learn who’s who and how to navigate the politics of court if I have any hope of unmasking the killer in time.

With my attention split between the warden trials, the investigation, and a dark prince I can’t resist, is there any chance I can get the job done? Or will my inexperience leave someone dead?

Light’s Warden is a gripping fantasy mystery that delves deep into the heart of the fae realm. If you enjoyed Lost Girl or the Dresden Files, you'll love this thrilling installment in the Alacore’s Apothecary series.
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