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Light's Awakening (Alacore's Apothecary: Book 1) signed copy

Light's Awakening (Alacore's Apothecary: Book 1) signed copy

A letter from a stranger shattered my grasp on reality.

Abandoned by my family and trapped beneath a curse, I thought I was destined to a life of movie nights with my plants. When I inherited my grandmother's shop I discovered a world of mythical creatures, magical potions, and pleasure I didn’t know was possible. I’m not who I thought I was, and a new hope is blooming inside me.

But someone murdered my grandmother to steal her powers and now they’re after me. Now that I know who I am I’ll fight for my new life ‘til the bitter end.

Can I sort through the past to stop the murderer before they finish the job?

The Alacore’s Apothecary series is perfect for lovers of urban fantasy with a dash of spice and a side of mystery.

(Price includes autographed copy + shipping)

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