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King Necian frowned at the wooden shackles in his hands. “You are certain these will be enough to keep him subdued?”

Matrais snapped his bald head around, shooting Necian a cold glare over his shoulder that all but screamed keep quiet, you doddering old fool. He was one of Necian’s top wizards, along with Rembuckle, the stocky dwarven druidess that stood beside Matrais.


“Don’t look at me like you’ve got hamsters in your teeth,” Necian barked. “You did say you cast a hush glamour on the hallway, did you not?”


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D. M. Almond is a gnarly crusty dude with a mop on top...no wait, that's Pauly Shore. David would love to tell you his life story, which you have undoubtedly come here to learn (hence the About Me click), but a recent parallel parking incident with his M-class Star Jumper has left him with a bad case of amnesia. He has spent the past year tracking down the truth of who he is and why he is here, much like most of us, using the only clues left behind after the accident; a black comb with the word Barbarino etched on it, a half full bottle of Lakewood Port, the scrumptious remains of a cinnamon roll, and an external hard drive labeled FML. All but the latter have proven useful in his quest, but he welcomes any insight you might be able to provide into the whereabouts of his mind.

                                                                   David lives in Buffalo, NY The best city this side of My Hammy and would love to hear from you!

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“The concept for the novel and the author's writing style was brilliant. A real page turner that I couldn't put down from start to finish." - Amazon.uk


“...As with the previous book, the payoff is at the end when it all comes together with excitement and action, and all the pieces fall into place to make an intriguing conclusion.” 
- Goodreads
“With incredible characters and great battle scenes, it will keep you spellbound until the last page.”    - Amazon.com







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