Books Do Not Write Themselves

I've said it so many times to eager enthusiasts at conventions and book signings who want to know how they can write a book. "Just do it. Begin with a word, turn it into a sentence and then your off to paragraphs. Books don't write themselves."

Funny, after all those conversations you would think I would have heeded my own advice? It has been quite a ride putting out these novels. I never expected to find myself signing books and talking to people abut Bipp. I had things fairly under control too. Think stories, write words, publish books. Fun! Easy! Well, no never easy, but FUN.

Then I had a second child.

I love her. She's amazing in so many ways and certainly embodies a wild fae spirit. So okay, we adjust our approach and keep moving forward.

Then I got stir crazy.

Staying home and writing as a career was not chalking it up for me. I needed to speak with real human beings on a daily basis. I needed problems to solve and a reason to leave the house. So I went back to work. That was fun. I love my new job, it's the Bees Knees. So I adjusted my approach.

We put Trollin' out as a free eseries and got tons of support on Patreon to do it. That was fun. However, I needed to get back to finishing Book 4. Fans are emailing me.

Then my mother died.

That one was tough. It took a toll on me in a way I never knew possible. Every facet of my life seemed to alter. As ridiculous as it sounds, I could not bring myself to cook real life actual food for months. I think my family enjoyed all the takeout. It took a while to slog out of the headspace I found myself in.

Life happened to me and somewhere along the way I slowed down big time on my writing. Books do not write themselves. I am happy to report that I have the fourth revision of Kingdom's Fall written and am tying up the end pieces on my fifth rewrite. This means editors will soon be involved and you will have your fourth book in the Chronicles of Acadia. And after that I will begin working on a new series I am really excited to dig into.

So I'm back and I'm writing. And I just wanted to say hi.

- David

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