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Like a fresh coat of paint after the storm, our new site has been slapped together. In the coming weeks it will likely bubble in the wrong places and gather strange little tidbits off the breeze that have no place being embedded in what should be a nicely painted haven. However, we shall persevere. I promise.

I did my level best to transfer over as much of the old blog as possible, and for the most part it worked. As for those that never made the journey? Forget them. What use have you for the mad ravings of a delusional scrivener anyhow?

Besides, we have something even better in store for you. We have Trollin', my new Fantasy web series that I will be posting regularly absolutely free. Why? Because I can. I have a deep love for light-hearted worlds like Xanth or Discworld and wanted to create something in that vein. Trollin' is a story about a young troll raised by humans who is forced out into the world on an adventure called survival (or is that life?). I will be posting the web series in "episodes" of a few chapters at a time on this site. Click on the image below to be taken there now or stick around for another paragraph of tongue wagging nonsense.

"What the heck, man? Why are you working on another series when you should be busy getting CoA Book IV published?" Let's forget that the next word makes you want to ball up your fists and rage so we can skip to the calm.


(I know I love when people tell me to just relax) It's all good. Kingdom's Fall, CoA Book IV, is in the final stages of completion. We even have the cover art ready to release which I'll be showcasing soon enough. In the meantime, pull up a chair and stay a while. Explore the new site and by all means let us know what parts you like or which sections of the paint are peeling and need to be scraped away by a professional. Not that it will matter, because we don't have any professionals. We only have gnomes.

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