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Signed edition; A Dark Rising

Signed edition; A Dark Rising

It has been three years since Jack Stone's life was shattered by his mother's death. He is tired of living on the road, his father dragging him from one research assignment to the next.


Professor Robert Stone is a man on the run from a nameless enemy, desperate to uncover what his wife was working on before she was killed. Time is running out. The callers are onto him. He must keep his son safe from their dark forces and the clues he hopes to uncover at Canisius College may be his last hope.

Allison Reynolds, a curious teenager whose sole desire is to become a reporter, takes her new neighbor Jack under her wing. She will rest at nothing to unravel the mystery transpiring beneath everyone's noses on the island, as Jack and Allison stumble across a cult hell bent on awakening an ancient evil.


(Price includes autographed paperback + shipping)

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